Monday, 3 January 2011

There is STILL Much Land To Conquer in 2011!

Welcome to 2011. If you are reading this article, you definitely made it into this year. I can’t help but thank Him for His goodness in bringing us all into this New Year. My prayer is that the same God that brought us into this year will see us through the year and take us through several other years to come.

Just as you settle into the year, please permit me to ask – do you have a word from the Lord that you intend to run with this year? If you don’t have a word, you can always find one in the scriptures that jumps out at you. There must be a word of promise that would speak to you. Well, if nothing appears to jump out at you, maybe you can share “my word”. Okay maybe not all of it but some of it.

Amongst several other things, one of the principal things I hear God say to me is “there is yet more land to conquer”. This, for me, is not just about physical land. It is about land and also heights that I have to attain unto. It is about the promises of God that are yet to be fulfilled in my life, the things I need to do for God that are still undone and the things I need to do for others, society that are still undone. As I meditate on those words I know that there is truly yet more land to conquer.

Some of those things are left undone not because I did not know about or want to do them but because of the seeming challenges associated with completing each task. I have a whole lot of seemingly good reasons but despite all that, God is reminding me that there is yet more land to conquer. This reminds me of Joshua. I am wondering how he must have felt when in his old age and at the time when he may have been thinking that he has done well and should be retiring, God spoke to him and said there is yet more land to conquer.
Then God goes on to itemize all the land that is yet to be conquered.

Joshua 13: 1NLT - “you are growing old, and much land remains to be conquered.”

After carefully thinking about that scripture, a few things are clear to me which written below for all those who like me, have yet more land to conquer.

1. God is aware of what we may consider challenges to fulfilling our destiny but knows that none of those challenges are insurmountable. He knew that the Joshua was old but in His opinion, that should not stop Joshua from fulfilling his destiny.

2. No time is ever “too late” with God. If you are ready, He is willing.

3.  God has records of all that we should achieve and we are not successful until we complete our God given tasks.

4. If we are succeeding at other things and failing in our God given tasks, even if the world appears to be applauding us, we have failed.

Please think very deeply and make a firm decision to succeed this year.

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